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pipx install examples

pipx install pycowsay
pipx install --python python3.6 pycowsay
pipx install --python python3.7 pycowsay
pipx install --spec git+ black
pipx --spec git+ black
pipx --spec git+ black
pipx install --spec black
pipx install --spec black[d] black
pipx install --include-deps jupyter

pipx run examples

pipx enables you to test various combinations of Python versions and package versions in ephemeral environments:

pipx run BINARY  # latest version of binary is run with python3
pipx --spec PACKAGE==2.0.0 run BINARY  # specific version of package is run
pipx --python 3.4 run BINARY  # Installed and invoked with specific Python version
pipx --python 3.7 --spec PACKAGE=1.7.3 run BINARY
pipx --spec git+https://url.git run BINARY  # latest version on master is run
pipx --spec git+https://url.git@branch run BINARY
pipx --spec git+https://url.git@hash run BINARY
pipx run pycowsay moo
pipx --version  # prints pipx version
pipx run pycowsay  --version  # prints pycowsay version
pipx --python pythonX pycowsay
pipx --spec pycowsay==2.0 pycowsay --version
pipx --spec git+ black
pipx --spec git+ black
pipx --spec git+ black
pipx --spec black --help

pipx inject example

One use of the inject command is setting up a REPL with some useful extra packages.

pipx install ptpython
pipx inject ptpython requests pendulum

After running the above commands, you will be able to import and use the requests and pendulum packages inside a ptpython repl.

pipx list example

> pipx list
venvs are in /Users/user/.local/pipx/venvs
binaries are exposed on your $PATH at /Users/user/.local/bin
   package black 18.9b0, Python 3.7.0
    - black
    - blackd
   package pipx 0.10.0, Python 3.7.0
    - pipx