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How does this compare to pipsi?

  • pipx is under active development. pipsi is no longer maintained.
  • pipx and pipsi both install packages in a similar way
  • pipx always makes sure you're using the latest version of pip
  • pipx has the ability to run a binary in one line, leaving your system unchanged after it finishes (pipx run BINARY) where pipsi does not
  • pipx has the ability to recursively install binaries from dependent packages
  • pipx adds more useful information to its output
  • pipx has more CLI options such as upgrade-all, reinstall-all, uninstall-all
  • pipx is more modern. It uses Python 3.6+, and the venv package in the Python3 standard library instead of the python 2 package virtualenv.
  • pipx works with Python homebrew installations while pipsi does not (at least on my machine)
  • pipx defaults to less verbose output
  • pipx allows you to see each command it runs by passing the --verbose flag
  • pipx prints emojies 😀

Migrating to pipx from pipsi

After you have installed pipx, run Why not do this with your new pipx installation?

pipx run

How does this compare with pip-run?

pip-run is focused on running arbitrary Python code in ephemeral environments while pipx is focused on running Python binaries in ephemeral and non-ephemeral environments.

For example these two commands both install poetry to an ephemeral environment and invoke poetry with --help.

pipx run poetry --help
pip-run poetry -- -m poetry --help