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System Requirements

python 3.6+ is required to install pipx. pipx can run binaries from packages with Python 3.3+. Don't have Python 3.6 or later? See Python 3 Installation & Setup Guide.

pipx works on macOS, linux, and Windows.

Install pipx

python3 -m pip install --user pipx
python3 -m userpath append ~/.local/bin

Installation Options

pipx's default binary location is ~/.local/bin. This can be overriden with te PIPX_BIN_DIR environment variable. If you override PIPX_BIN_DIR, make sure it is on your path by running userpath append $PIPX_BIN_DIR.

pipx's default virtual environment location is ~/.local/pipx. This can be overriden with the environment variable PIPX_HOME.

Install pipx Development Versions

New versions of pipx are published as beta or release candidates. These versions look something like 0.13.0b1, where b1 signifies the first beta release of version 0.13. These releases can be tested with

pip install --user pipx --upgrade --dev

Development occurs on the dev branch of this repository. If there is no such branch, that means there is no work currently in development for a new version.