Programs to Try

Here are some programs you can try out. If you've never used the program before, make sure you add the --help flag so it doesn't do something you don't expect. If you decide you want to install, you can run pipx install PACKAGE instead.

pipx install ansible  # IT automation
pipx run asciinema  # Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.
pipx run black  # uncompromising Python code formatter
pipx run --spec=babel pybabel --help  # internationalizing and localizing Python applications
pipx run --spec=chardet chardetect --help  # detect file encoding
pipx run cookiecutter  # creates projects from project templates
pipx run create-python-package  # easily create and publish new Python packages
pipx run flake8  # tool for style guide enforcement
pipx run gdbgui  # browser-based gdb debugger
pipx run hexsticker  # create hexagon stickers automatically
pipx run ipython  # powerful interactive Python shell
pipx run jupyter  # web-based notebook environment for interactive computing
pipx run pipenv  # python dependency/environment management
pipx run poetry  # python dependency/environment/packaging management
pipx run pylint  # source code analyzer
pipx run pyinstaller  # bundles a Python application and all its dependencies into a single package
pipx run pyxtermjs  # fully functional terminal in the browser  
pipx install shell-functools  # Functional programming tools for the shell